Arhiva mjeseca: srpanj 2017

Summer in Vinkovci 2017.

03 srp. 2017

The Vinkovci Summer Program brings together all the events in the city during the summer.

From 1 July to 20 August in the central Vinkovci Park,
many say one of the most beautiful parks in Slavonia, Ban Josip Šokčević Square.
There will be a lot of fun
*Slavonian music band every Friday
*Saturdayś is for urban music concerts
*Pavel group, then DJ Kameny, stand up for the popular Open-air studio, street performer`s,
various creative workshops, evening entertainment with DJs, cocktails, rich theatrical
motorcycle events & shows etc.
* For kids is special program: magicians, mini-disco, playground…

Visit Vinkovci and you will be fascinated by its beauty, history and small town charm.